Pollution & its types,causes and effects on environment & living things.

FirstPollution & its types,causes and effects on environment & living things.

pollutants are the harmful things (substances) have been added to the environments that pollute the air, water and land.

All living things in the in these environments have to experience the adverse effects of these changes to the environment.


pollution is an undesireable change in the characterictics air, water and land environment that is harmful to humans and other all living things in the environment.
commonly, pollution is a form of addition of an undesireable and harmful substance like smoke or non_biodergradable material,like plastic bags, in the environment.such added substances produced from human activities.

There are three main sources of pollution.


1)Air pollution:


as well as air pollution is caused by the harmfull solid,liquid and gaseous pollutants released from the burnning of fuel.

such as coal,oil,natural gas,waste paper and trash in industries, vehicles and at home.

The pollutant of air commonly known as smoke.
There are many effects of air pollution on the environment and human beings.
as like as headache,eye irration,nose irration,sore throat,nausea,ill feeling,asthma,drowsiness,weakened jugement and lung disease, such as pneumonia and cancer.

2) water pollution:

water pollution caused by the addition of untreted sewage water from our domestic use i.e from washing nad toilets, into the water bodies , various harmful chemicals from our industries and water run_off from agriculture that contains various harmful pesticides and fertilizers.
there are many effects of water pollution on the environment , animals and human beings.
as like as cholera , typhoid , diarrhoe , and other water borne diseases mostly releated to digestive tract problems in human beings.
death of fishes , aquatic animals and plants living in the water or sea shores.
immune depression , reproductive failure or acute poisoing.

3) Land pollution:

after all, land pollution caused due to the dumping of solid wastes such as plastic bags,bottles,papers,glass bottles,tin cans, veetables and fruits cuttings and other animals wastes and faeces of land.
There are many effects of land pollution.

likewise toxic substances from the decay of land pollutants effects the underground water and the surrounding air.

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