How to remove dark spots from face

How to get rid dark spots from face

Vegetables are an invaluable gift of power where we take advantage of the physical health of all kinds of foods, if we use them on their own skin, we can benefit from their valuable benefits.
So let’s know how to make a smooth paste by rearing ladyfinger, eyes around circles, and rearing the skin.

● Components

lady finger ……… Four
Lemon ……….half
Water …………. A cup

● How to Create

1.Add water and flavors to a slipper till the boiling.
2. Remove the flame and paste it.
3. Add some drops of lemon to this paste and mix well.

● Methodology

Massage around the face and eyes.
Twenty-five minutes after wash with simple water.
With the first time insha’llah, you will feel the change itself.

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