Healthy Food Near Me

                      Healthy Food Near Me

Do you eat food? That is right. You do eat food.

If a living thing does not eat food, it will die.
When have you thought about the food you eat.
What type of food you eat?

What is the Quantity of each type of food group in your diet?
Why do we need to eat different types of food?
It is because each food is from a different food groups, and these groups or substances present in the food have different effect on your body.

As an example they are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins.

In order to function properly, your body needs each of these substances in sufficient quantity.
Here some foods like meat, eggs, pulses provide proteins to the body.
Next, fruits and vegetables provide you vitamins and minerals.
Then, grains and cereals provide Carbohydrates to the body.
To summarize, Butter and Oils Provide Fat for good quantity
of energy to the body.
In order to stay healthy and grow well, we need to eat right amount of different foods from all food groups.
When you eat every food to provide you enough of all all nutrients every day, you are eating healthy food near me.
How do you know that you are taking the right amount of food, you can use the Food pyramid, to get guidance about the amount of foods you need to eat in order to keep yourself healthy.


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