5 Most Food Groups/ Nutrients And Their Sources.

                                 5 Most Food Groups/ Nutrients And Their Sources.

All living things have need food in order to live. Food give us energy and nutritional substances for our growth and health.We eat different kinds of food.You must have noticed that most foods come form plants and animals.In order to function properly , our body needs each of these substances in sufficient quantity.
There are 5 main groups of food: Carbohydrates , Proteins , Minerals , Fats and Vitamins.

1 carbohydrates :
Carbohydrates are the major source of quick energy for our body.These are founds in grains ( wheat , corn , rice) bread , sugar , pasta , cereals etc.They are very necessary for us because these give us quick energy from other groups as like as minerals, proteins , and vitamins. So we should eat these foods 6_11 servings.

2 Proteins :
Proteins are founds in meat , milk , eggs  and pulses. in addition they are called body building foods. Because they helps our body ‘s growth and repair tissues and muscles. So we should eat these foods items  3_4 servings.

3 Minerals :
These are found in green fruits and dry fruits , green vegetables , meat , grains , spinach and sea foods as like as (fish) etc.

first of all the minerals give us energy , help in body ‘s growth and keeping it healthy.So we should eat them 2-3 servings.

4 Vitamins :
We get these food nutrients from fresh vegetables and fresh fruits.

First they protect from many disease . Second they help our body to fight against disease.

More ever keep us healthy and fit. So we should eat these items  2_3 servings.

5 Fats :
Fats are founds in oil , butter , seeds , nuts And margarine. In fact they give us energy and give us warmth. Not only-but also fats provides us twice as much energy from the amount of carbohydrates. But we should eat them very less,because they make us unhealthy and fatty.

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